Do you love making and creating things yourself?
Do you sell your items already on internet platforms, markets or fairs?
Or have you maybe even set up a label of your own already?
Do you love vintage?

Then The Carousel” is for you!

We´ve opened an exciting new shop in the heart of Chichester:

“The Carousel”!

We picked the name “
The Carousel” since our shop is an always changing and colourful carousel of lovely items! Every month, there are different displays and an exciting mixture of handmade crafts, vintage, homeware, garments and individual gifts of any kind!

The idea of our shop is to rent out shelves, spaces and two studios to vintage retailers and crafters. All YOU need to do is to bring us your pretty things, attach our price tags with your prices on and we will take care of the rest.

Within the rental time you´re very welcome to refill and rearrange your shelf and space, we will always help to keep “The Carousel” looking inviting. You´re welcome to take your items away for a day, if you exhibit at an event but please make sure your shelf looks tidy.

We will also put
your weblink on our website while you`re exhibiting in our shop. Of course you are very welcome to bring your cards and flyers.

Please be aware that we aim to be a high quality shop with our own style. Therefore we have a selection process. So please don’t be offended if we don’t take your goods on board of „The Carousel“.

If you´re interested in exhibiting at “The Carousel”, then please send us an
email, preferably with some pictures of your items! We´re looking forward to meeting you!